Big Tall Small

About Big Tall Small

The Big Tall Small is a challenging puzzle game for your logical and spatial thinking. Your objective is to guide the character through the tower by solving each level with various challenges. Use the left and right arrow keys to move left/right. Use up arrow key to jump over obstacles, use down arrow key to crouch and lower yourself down to obstacles or floors in order continue moving forward. With each new level you will be introduced to new kind of challenges and traps that need careful planning, problem solving and deductive reasoning skills; not only to solve them but also navigating your way out of them safely! There are 3 different difficulty settings that can be adjusted at any time: A: Easy, B: Normal, C: Hard. All levels have been designed keeping children as well as adults in mind. Their ages can vary from as young as 4 years old up to 80+ years old depending on how much exercise they get every day. 

It is a world where everything is big. The buildings, the objects and the people are all gigantic in proportion to those who have to live in them. In order to accommodate everyone, cities have been divided into multiple zones or ‘cities’ each with its own smaller size. One of these cities is called Tall City which can be described as a small city compared to the rest of the world. The residents of Tall City are not bothered by this; they embrace their smallness and love that they are not overwhelmed by their surroundings.

Your goal is to help the small guy reach the exit before the big guy chases him. Big Tall Small combines logic, spatial reasoning and problem solving in this unique puzzle platformer. The challenge is to plan ahead while at the same time making sure that your plans don’t end up with you getting stuck. You have to observe your surroundings as well as plan ahead so that the small guy reaches the exit before the big guy catches him. 

Big Tall Small is a unique 2d puzzle platform game. The player takes the role of a tiny person who has to navigate their way through an enormous building filled with dangerous traps. The player will have to use their logic and wit in order to complete each level and reach the exit safely. - Realistic physics engine: All game objects interact with each other realistically, so there are no obstructions that can’t be passed or climbed over. - Challenging puzzles: There are 55 different levels in this game, which makes it one of the most challenging games available on Google Play. As well as being challenging, every single level is unique and interesting to play! 

This is the game where you need to build a tower that can reach the top of an enormous tower. The higher your tower reaches, the more points you will get. Are you able to create the tallest and most balanced building? To play this game, you need at least two HTML5-compatible devices like desktop computer and mobile phone. If you don’t have a device yet, we recommend playing on desktop especially for games which require a mouse and keyboard. This is a 2D puzzle platform game with logic elements. It requires thinking ahead and planning to avoid unnecessary steps or collisions with other obstacles on the road upward.

Control Guide

Controls Move: WAD or arrow keys Switch: down arrow key/space bar/enter Reset: R Back: Esc or B

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