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Let’s face it, as a millennial born in the 21st century, you probably won’t have an exciting job or lead an interesting life. With the growing pressure from parents and society, you would probably choose to settle down early and live a simple life. But what does that exactly mean? It means that your simulated world would be filled with challenges that will test your ability to survive as a human being in this world, but only for fun! You are about to enter the most realistic simulation of real life ever made!Hawkthorne is a virtual simulation of the life and adventures of an English gentleman during the early-19th century. Imagine being trapped in a weird hyper-realistic simulation of the world where you become a blue-capped, bowl-haired aristocrat with cravat, ruffled shirt, and frilly cuffs. In this weird but wonderful world you have to complete various challenges, help rescue kidnapped maidens, feed pigs, catch fish, shoot flying pigs (yes, really), crack puzzles and much more. 

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