Bubble Shooter Soccer 2

About Bubble Shooter Soccer 2

Bubble Shooter Soccer 2 is an Arcade game played with a regulation soccer ball. The object is to kick the ball into the goals as many times as possible. You can use your own soccer players or play against the computercand test your skills against some of the bestbubble shootersof today. Features: - Addictive gameplay - Multiple levels to play - Google Play Leaderboards - Simple interface Control: Use your arrow keys to moveand aim. Use spacebar to kick the soccer ball. Aim for the white spots in the soccer ball and you'll score points. If you hit the bar on top ofthe soccer ball, it will go in that direction but not back out again. Try to avoidthew big bubbles by using your calculated shot and avoid being airblasted by the small bubbles. Try notto let them win by letting them get their shots off before you. 

Bubble Shooter Soccer 2 is a fun and addictive bubble-shooting game. Try to get as many bubbles as possible by matching 3 or more same colored bubbles of the same type. The aim of the game is to eliminate all the bubbles using nothing but your matchless skills! Are you up to the challenge? If you enjoy bubble-shooting games, then this is one of the best shooting games around. 

Let’s play a fun newbubbles game! Shoot bubbles at otherbubblers to win points. You can either play against your owncolleagues or go head-to-head withthe rest of the world. Make the mostof your shots and don’t let thebubbles get to you!

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