Funny Shooter 2

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Funny Shooter 2 are among the most popular genres. As such, it’s no wonder that there are so many games focused on shooting people! However, in this article, we’ll be covering a couple of the more unusual gun-based shooters. We won’t talk about those other shootem-ups that focus solely on point-blank range combat with pump Action Replay Guns (you know, the sort of game that shoots you in the mouth with one shot), or we won’t be covering those crazy bullet time and slow motion gun games where you have to rapidly aim to hit your target. All we will say is that if you love shooting and you want to explore new genres and inspire your friends to do the same, then this article is for you! Wrath of Vengeance: King Arthur Quest is a third-person action shooter set on the legendary British warrior king Arthur’s quest to save his realm from an impending disaster. Utilizing powerful spells and projectiles as your primary weapon, players take on different roles across different occasions and levels. You can play as either Lancelot or Galahad as they journey across France and out of danger at every turn. Each turn brings with it its own unique challenges and options but also rewards for completing them. 

You’ve been a witness to some pretty crazy things in your life. You witnessed a murder, you witnessed an accident, and you also heard someone say that you were the luckiest woman in the world. No matter how crazy these experiences have been, one thing is for sure - you experienced them all yourself. And as most of us know, it's not always easy to see the big picture when our lives are over-arching. However, with this second game called ‘Funny Shooter 2',you can see through your angry thoughts and focus on what matters. 

If you’ve got a moment, take a second to think of something funny. If you can, share it with the world! What would you do if an unseen assailant stole your camera? What would you do if you discovered your family was being terrorised? What would you do if the police couldn’t help and you could only find yourself in the loony bin? These are some of the scenarios we explore in this Funny Shooter game. Get creative and put your wits back into gear against your fear-stricken friends! Use the ‘shooter’ function on your camera device to make it look like someone is shooting at you. 

The Funny Shooter 2 is a scary place when you’re alone. Especially if you’re a cool, mysterious girl named you. You know… The kind of girl with black hair and brown eyes. So, what if you got paired up with the most beautiful guy in the world? That would be pretty awesome right? Well, sort of. You see, no one’s going to want to hang out with a 15 year old virgin. And besides that, there's no way he’ll remember your first name. 

You know you want to see more of Willy and his friends at the local fair. Except this time they’re there to steal some special candy from the vendors. It’s going to be a hard sell, but that doesn’t mean Willy can’t smile and show off his tricks. If he can get past the first few obstacles, Willy will have a clear path to the top of the fair. 

Control Guide

Controls Mouse = look around WASD = movement W + Shift = run Space = jump Left Mouse Button = shoot Right Mouse Button (Hold) = aim Mouse wheel = next/leading weapon 1-7 = weapon hotkeys R = reload G = throw a grenade T = inspect the weapon E = remove / remove weapon

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