Funny Shooter - Destroy All

About Funny Shooter - Destroy All

Take your sharpshooting skills to the test! Use your trusty gun to shoot and destroy all the monsters that come at you in this fast-paced first person shooter game. There will be different types of monsters coming at you from all directions, so keep an eye out for them and quickly lock onto them before they get too close. If you don’t take action fast enough, they’ll shoot you instead! Enemies will become faster and stronger as you progress in the game. Watch out for their attacks and make sure not to shoot a wall or any other obstacle that won’t hurt them. Level up by shooting more monsters than you get shot by, collect coins from destroyed enemies, and buy better weapons with those coins if your current one isn’t cutting it.

Funny Shooter - Destroy All is an online shooting game where your main objective is to shoot as many targets as possible until you get eliminated. This game is all about strategy and speed, so be sure to think fast and act faster to win! The faster you shoot, the more points you get. So don't waste any time and start shooting these targets before anyone or anything shoots you! Shooters rejoice! You’ll need fast reactions and a sharp eye if you want to stay alive in this arctic arena of death. Stay alert, watch out for hidden targets, and above all: Don’t go trigger happy – it only takes one shot from them to take down a shooter with weak defenses.

This is certainly one of the most exciting and interesting shooter games on our site. It’s a fast-paced, dynamic first person shooter with lots of challenges. You need to be attentive and have lightning-fast reaction time to survive and destroy all your enemies in this game! Don’t worry if you are not used to playing shooters – the tutorial will help you get started! 

Shoot your way through the arena and become the champion in this funny first person shooter game! Fight against up to 4 other opponents. You have different weapons that you can choose from to destroy them all! Which one will you pick?

Control Guide

Controls Move mouse = look around WASD = move Hold Shift = run Space = jump Left-click = shoot Right-click = Aim Mouse wheel = next/leading weapon 1-7 = weapon hotkeys R = reload F = knife attack 1 Q = knife attack 2 G = throw a grenade T = inspect the weapon E = remove / remove weapon

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