HillClimb Racer

About HillClimb Racer

Hillclimb Racer is a new and exciting driving game that will test your reflexes and reaction times. You play as a determined driver who strives to become the best hill climb racer in the world. To reach this goal, you must drive your car up challenging hills while avoiding obstacles and keeping your car from overheating. The game has some similarities to other driving games like Hill Climb Racing, Asphalt, or CSR Racing. But the focus on hill climbing makes it feel like a unique and fresh experience. 

Hill climb racing is one of the most interesting and challenging racing game that you can ever experience. It’s a race against yourself and nature. You will have to drive your car through steep and winding roads while trying to beat your personal best time. With this hill climb racing game, players will get to drive different cars on various challenging tracks. You will have to drive your car up a treacherous hill as fast as possible while beating your previous best time.

HillClimb Racer game is an awesome auto-clicker game with nice graphics, addictive gameplay and tricky challenges! The game has you play as a little yellow car that you need to guide through the challenging courses of different hill climbing races. You can upgrade your car and buy new ones to compete in harder stages. There are upgrades for acceleration, handling, nitro boost etc. You use coins that you earn from finishing each race to buy these upgrades and newer cars. T

Welcome to This amazing game ! You want to test your skills on the hill climb? Then this game is for you! It’s a simple, addictive and fun game. In this game, you need to drive your car up the hill using acceleration, braking, and gears. Your goal is to reach the highest point possible while collecting cash and gold coins on your way. 


Control Guide

Instruction PC controls: Use the keyboard arrows to speed up or slow down or touch the game buttons Mobile and Tablet Controls: Tap the screen on the accelerate and brake buttons

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