Idle Miner Space Rush

About Idle Miner Space Rush

You are a miner looking to make it big in the space industry. You will have to gather resources, upgrade your equipment and learn about the various mining technologies in order to become the best miner on the planet. Games > Casino Games Miner Space Rush is an open-ended game that can be played for free without any obligation. It’s a game where you can have fun with friends or play alone. The objective of Miner Space Rush is simple: save the Earth from aliens by mining minerals and fuel from planets with energy-rich deposits. Miners are trying to make more money than anyone else by recruiting other miners to their team, manufacturing tools and upgrading their mine facilities. In this space adventure game, you can choose from three different perspectives:

– Entering deep space

– Mining on an alien world

– Training future miners Download Miner Space Rush now and see what kind of adventures this space mining simulation

In Space, no one can hear your space- Mines! Action, adventure, space mining simulator with a unique twist. Blast your way through a treacherous mining colony and make sure no-one stops you from mining for ore in the Asteroid Belt. There are other space miners who want to control this region of space. You must defend yourself and yours with superior mining skills. To do this you will need to launch an attack on the other miners’ bases and capture their Ore Diamonds. Use your various gadgets like Minesweepers and Laser Guns to clear the path to success for yourself. 

Idle Miner Space Rush is an arcade game inspired by the classic SPACE RUSH. The objective is simple: Guide your spaceship through a wormhole and avoid obstacles in your way. But the real fun starts once you start playing this game. You can adjust the acceleration, velocity, and even look direction of your ship using the three options available. These features make Gravity Rush virtually unique among its contemporaries. With each passing level, you’ll get more and more thrills from these small but potent differences.

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