Mr. Superfire

About Mr. Superfire

Mr. Superfire: upgrade and flexibly use all weapons, destroy every opponent you see. The adventure journey is endless, try to survive and go far in this game. Super Fire is a free third-person shooter arcade game developed by Super Fire Studios. In the game, you will control a Super Fire, a special unit that can shoot fireballs from their hands and other holes. The game features over 100 missions that will have you jumping from rooftop to rooftop, shooting at everything in your path, and ultimately conquering the bad guys and their minions. The missions are themed based on different locations around the world and help you avoid getting hit by the guards, hone your skills to shoot even better, and finally complete the mission.

Game Mr. Superfire includes four different challenges. Each of them has its own enemies, traps, and guns. You need to survive against zombies, aliens, and ghosts. You will be attacked from all directions. Aliens and ghosts want to take you out and zombies want to eat you. You will face all of them in this shooting game.

The only way to do that is to show us how skilled you are! Play the best new shooting game Superfire on your Android device and test your skills. This time, you have to overcome a series of obstacles to get to the end. Luckily, you'll have your trusty gun with you. You have to shoot matching objects or characters to advance to the next level. Try to complete as many levels as possible and beat the high score.

Control Guide

Right arrow to go forward.

Left arrow to go back.

Up arrow to jump. (tap twice to jump high)

Use the mouse to aim.

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