Noob Rush vs Pro Monsters

About Noob Rush vs Pro Monsters

NOOB RUSH VS PRO MONSTERS: fight the enemy directly and go as far as you can on this dangerous track. Action games, guns are the most popular game genre that every mobile game fan loves. A quick glance at the game charts will show you that action and gun games are dominating. No matter what platform you play them on, they are the best. While there are tons of action and gun games available in the Android store, the best ones are not easy to find. If you are looking for a casual shooting, action and shooting game that is simple and without too many complicated mechanics, then you have come to the right place. This is a game with beautiful graphics and impressive content. You can play completely offline - No ads. No in-app purchases. No social networking links and complete a free game.

NOOB RUSH VS PRO MONSTERS is a casual running action game with cute cartoon graphics and simple gameplay. The goal of the game is to run and jump over the obstacles as fast as you can while avoiding or killing the monsters. Spend your time with this game without getting bored. There are many levels and you can run them many times. Get ready for the challenge as you run to get the best time against the clock. The better you are, the more challenging levels there are. Responsive controls and simple gameplay make this game ideal for casual players as well as professional gamers.

Control Guide

On the computer:
Use arrow keys and WASD letters to move.
Use SPACEBAR to jump.
On mobile devices:
Tap the game buttons to move and shoot.

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