About Shapez

In this game, you will be in charge of running and upgrading a factory by investing in its production. You need to make sure that your employees are happy and you have enough materials to run the factory efficiently. If you keep the production going while making sure the resources don’t run out, you win! Upgrading your factory means investing in its production processes, so that it can produce goods faster and cheaper. It’s important not to neglect any department as each of them has their own role to play in the production process. 

In Shapez, your objective is to rebuild a world destroyed by an asteroid. To do so, you must first construct a functioning village around the remains of the old one. You will have to manage resources in order to upgrade your buildings and complete construction. There are three main types of resources: Straw, Wood, and Stone. Each has its own role in upgrading your buildings, which increase their population capacity and production rate. Once you’ve upgraded all of the buildings in a village you can move onto the next one. 

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Shapez is an HTML5 incremental builder simulation game. Your job is to build the best possible world by managing resources and upgrading your builders to construct tidy, organized cities. Keep your citizens happy and they will let you know! Let them down, however, and they’ll leave in their droves. Let them all leave, go bankrupt, and you lose the game. 

Control Guide

Controls Drag the left mouse button or WASD = move the camera Right-click = delete Left-click = place building R = rotate building Q = use the pipette Ctrl + left mouse button = select area

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