Squid Shooter

About Squid Shooter

Squid Shooter is the rise of prisoners. The time has come when everyone can't stand slavery. They were angry and decided to rise up to fight against the heavy oppression from the prison guards. You must use your wits, build a perfect battle strategy to avoid these predators.

Entering the game, you can freely choose 18 types of combat weapons available. Your mission is to survive and win bonuses. Use your sniper skills to take down enemies, upgrade weapons and find your way out of this dangerous squid game. Shoot the enemies who are sentinels in pink suits and whimsical dolls. Use your guns flexibly to make sure they don't hit you, or they'll attack you from behind. If you achieve a high score, you will unlock new characters and more powerful combat weapons.

Game features:

  • Action game with eye-catching graphics
  • Unlock and upgrade 25 different firearms
  • Avoid bullets and enemy attacks
  • Collect suspect gold on each level
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Level up and improve your skills
  • Earn medals to unlock the Squid Shooter achievement.

Control Guide

Mouse - look around
WASD - movement
W + Shift - Run
Space - jump
Left Mouse Button - Shoot
Right Mouse Button (Hold) - Aim
Mouse Wheel - Next / Previous
Weapon 1-7 - weapon hotkeys
R - reload
F - knife attack 1
Q - knife attack 2
G - throw a grenade
T - inspect weapon
E - remove / remove weapon

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