Stickman Planks Fall

About Stickman Planks Fall

You are a stickman and you have found the best place to relax. A nice park with trees, a lake, and all this just for you! But it’s not that easy to relax, there are different kind of obstacles that will make your relaxation harder than ever. Your mission is simple, run as fast as you can and avoid the obstacles that stand in your way. You need to get as far as possible before falling from the cliff or hitting a tree. Be careful because each time you hit an obstacle you will lose some money that you need to complete new challenges. 

Stickman Planks Fall is an online Unity3d game where you take the role of a stickman who has found a love for parkour. So much so that he wants to build the world's most epic parkour course in his backyard. It might be winter but that's no stopping this plucky chap! Help him construct challenging parkour walls, overcome pitfalls and avoid dangerous traps as Stickman races to beat the cold weather and meet his deadline. 

Stickman Planks Fall is a new challenging parkour game that will keep you coming back for more. It features a stickman who can’t stop falling. The challenge is to stay on the plank and not fall off it. If you can’t avoid the fall, then at least try to get back on the plank as fast as possible and avoid death. In this challenging, funny and addictive parkour game you must run as fast as possible while avoiding falling planks. The faster you complete a level the more coins you get, use these coins to unlock new characters.


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