Time Shooter 2

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The second sequel to the arcade shooter "Time-Shooter". The player controls a lone astronaut traveling through time. The goal is simple: reach the end of each level. But the levels are not that simple either. On some levels, the robot enemies will do their best to stop you! Can you make it through this time? It's not impossible! In this game you play as an astronaut who travels through time and space. You must use your ships warp drive and shoot your way through many different alien planets, where robots try to kill you at every corner. There are 7 chapters in total with 3 worlds each in which there are 10 levels. You have 9 ships, each with a different weapon and special ability that can be upgraded if used often enough. This game has great graphics and music which makes it even more enjoyable for gamers of any age group. Play now for free on Game321 and see if you can reach the end of a level without getting killed by robots.

In the year 2065, mankind has colonized the solar system and beyond with millions of people living on thousands of different worlds. The legacy of our past is of great importance to us and is marked by many places throughout the solar system. One such location is the Old Yard in London. It used to be a place where time was wasted, but now it holds a lot more than that. In this action shooter you will face off against other players as you try to become king of the Old Yard. In order to accomplish this goal you will have to plan carefully and make smart decisions. You will have to battle through waves of enemies, solve tricky puzzles, break into locked buildings and much more in order to stay alive and ultimately conquer it all! But watch out for traps; they could get you at any moment! So rise up from your throne, grab a gun and take back what's yours! Prove that you are the one who deserves

In this second installment of the Time Shooter series you can control the main character, a boy named Tim. You have to fight hordes of zombies that are trying to eat your brains! Instead of running from them like other people did, you decided to take things into your own hands and save as many people as possible by shooting them with whatever you can lay your hands on: guns, bows, Anything works in this zombie apocalypse! You will play as Tim for most levels but there are some that allow you to play as a girl named Samantha. The game has 5 different worlds and ten levels in each one of them. If you want more replay value then try playing the mini games that are unlocked after completing each level.

Get ready for the next best game in town! It’s here and you are gonna love it. It is a simple game like other games, but the way you will play and the challenges that it will give you. The reason we say this is because it is not just another game. This is a LEVEL-UP GAME! Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with this amazing LEVEL-UP GAME! It will test your reaction skills as well as your logical thinking skills (which by the way, you don’t have much of). We know how hard it is for most people to master their reaction times and think logically at once; so thank goodness we had an expert to develop this revolutionary new game for you.

The sequel to the original Time Shooter. You are a lone soldier with one mission, to eliminate the leaders of an alien invasion before they can destroy humanity. Take on wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies and upgrade your weapons as you progress. There are 3 different game modes: Story, Survival and Time Attack. Don’t let the alien threat stop you from enjoying this free game.

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