Zombie Monster Truck

About Zombie Monster Truck

Zombies are back in a whole new way with Zombie Monsters Truck! Test your driving skills as you race against the clock to destroy all the zombies. Are you brave enough to drive this monster truck? How many undead enemies can you crash into before time runs out? Get ready for an onslaught of undead creatures as you race across cute zombie themed levels and fight off waves of zombies with your mighty monster truck! The more monsters that get inside your vehicle, the harder it will be to drive. Your driving skills need to be at an all-time high if you want to stop these hungry hulks of flesh from chewing up everything in their path. 

Do you like action,driving and shooting games? If so, then this game is for you! Drive the Zombie Monster Truck through the gates of hell and crush all of the zombies that stand in your way. Make sure you hit them where it hurts; drive over their wounded bodies! The tougher they are, the faster they go. The faster they go, the more zombies they get. Utilize speed, accuracy and your brave driving skills to destroy as many zombie as possible. 

The Zombie Monster Truck is a real-time 2D side scrolling shooting game. Drive the truck and kill as many zombies as you can! think fast and shoot the undead with accurate aiming. The more zombies you hit, the faster they get and the harder they hit. 

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Using Mouse

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